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Men, Women, Athletes, Seniors, Youngsters...


Tulijooga is a studio where getting to know yoga is easy and safe.  Our studio has both first time yogis, beginners, more experienced yogis - men, women, athletes, younger and older students. Most of our classes are taught in English or both English/Finnish. The atmosphere is friendly and cosy and we warmly welcome you to join us! 

Who Benefits from Yoga?

At Tulijooga it's Easy to Start Yoga

At Tulijooga's classes the instructions are detailed and precise. Getting started is easy: all you need is an open mind, light clothing (sleeveless shirt/t-shirt, leggings or shorts) and a water bottle. Yoga mat and large towel to cover the mat you can either rent from the studio or bring your own. For shower take a towel with you, we provide shampoo and shower gels. Make a booking from our calendar, and come to the studio well in time, 25-10 mins before start. Tell your name at the reception and notify teacher if you are for the first time. Teacher will then tell you in more detail about the current class. (Please note that as a small studio we lock the front door during classes and unfortunately can't stop the class to let late comers in.)


Practicing in a Heated Room

Most of our classes are hot yoga meaning the room is heated and it's hot. During the practice you will sweat and the pulse raises in intervals. Remember to drink enough water and hydrate well even a day before practice. Don't eat a heavy meal 2-3 hrs before practice. If you have low blood pressure, starting hot yoga can make you feel a bit dizzy. Take a rest and sit down if that occurs. Praciticing in a hot room doesn't suite everyone but give it  a chance at least a few times. Sometimes students hold breathe in the beginning without noticing and after a few classes it feels much easier to practice.  Always notify teacher if you feel uncomfortable.


Men in Yoga

At Tulijooga we also have a lot of men as customers. Some practice yoga as their main acitivity. Quite a few come to yoga to maintain their mobility or to get benefits to other sports or activities. Yoga is a very good for the back since we do forward folds, backbends, twists and extend spine, giving it natural movement to all directions. For men usually the highest barrier is stepping into the yoga studio for the first time; after that the practice usually goes very well. You also do not need to be flexible at all to start yoga. The goal is to maintain mobility and normal range of motion for spine, joints and muscles.  For each person the balance between flexibility and strength is different. A yogi who focuses on strength training doesn't even want similar flexibility as for example a yogi who is also a dancer.


Athletes - Yoga Benefits Other Activities

We have active enthusiasts, gym rats as well as young athletes as our customers. Many have noticed that yoga practice benefits their other activities. Younger students who may practice ice hockey or football several times a week have more flexibility, mobility and less back aches thanks to yoga. Yoga even once a week is a good counter balance for other activities. Strength trainers have also thanked the benefits they get from yoga. In strength training muscles contract and shortens wheras in yoga the aim is to lenghten and maintain muscle and joint mobility.  Injuries in other sports and activities lessens when combined to yoga practice. 


Aging and Yoga - Maintaining Mobility

Joseph Pilates was the firt to say " You are only as young as your spine is flexible". In yoga the mobility of the spine increases with bends, twists ans extensions. Yoga could be described as true "anti age"- practice. You can start no matter what your age is. If you want a very low intensity practice and don't like the heat try yin yoga. Hot yoga is also a very good option and then choosing a 60 min class for start may be a good idea.  

We also have younger students at Tulijooga. Our youngest ones are 12-14 years old. Teens develop differently each and if you are wondering whether they could start yoga please call us or send us email so we can talk more. 


Yoga During Pregnancy

In Hot yoga the heat in the room efficiently opens the body.  Normally this is a good idea and for example muscles ache less after hot yoga. During pregnancy the body secretes more hormone called relaxin.  This hormone opens the pelvis but also affects other parts of the body like joint mobility. This may lead into injuri if the body opens up too much. Hot yoga is not recommended as a new activity during pregnancy. Also extra caution is advised during first trimester.  If you are considering yoga during preganancy it's a good idea to talk with your medical doctor.  Please note that Tulijooga doesn't offer prenatal-yoga at the moment. There are however many yoga studios in Helsinki that offer prenatal yoga.


Injuries and Yoga

Many start yoga to recover from an injury. Yoga is a low impact practice and the practice activates both deep, stabilizing muscles as well as surface muscles. It's important starting slowly after an injury and following your doctor's orders. Movement is medicini when the timing is right. Many Tulijooga customers have had great results in rehabilitating knee or back injuries. 


Acute Injuries, Flu, Asthma, Migraine -When it's NOT Time for Yoga 

Do not practice yoga when you are ill or unwel. Acute injuries, flu or inflammation is best to let heal first.  If you are unsure if you can practice yoga/hot yoga talk with your doctor and follow their orders. Tulijoogassa we have customers that have asthma. Many like the humid and warm air and feel it benefits the breathing. Quite often asthma gets worse in sub zero temperatur but some also do not like the hot air.  Migraine may get worse in the heat, yet others have benefitted greatly from yoga and the spinal stretches. Give it a try and talk to the teacher about your concerns before the practice. If you feel uncomfortable at all during the practice, notify teacher immediately. Listen to your body while practicing and don't over do things. 

Yes, I am ready to start!

Great! Next steps:


1. Get to know our class schedule  Create an account. Login again and make a booking to a class. You will get an email to confirm your booking (if you have given permission to send notifications. ) From the confirmation you can also see the latest  time to cancel the booking. Also read our cancellation policy from the email. Late cancel is same as dropin price.


2. When you make a booking you don't pay anything at this point. You can pay the class at the studio before your first yoga. We accept most bank and credit cards, cash, Mobile Pay, exercise vouchers, Epassi, Edenred, Virike, Smartum, Eazybreak.


3. You can buy dropins, serial cards or seasonal passes. See pricelist 


4. Hydrate well before the practice. It's a good idea to drink water even the previous day. In hot yoga you will sweat a lot and proper hydration is important. Take a water bottle with you, but remember that it's not a good idea to drink a lot during practice.  


5. For dressing bring light clothing like sleeveless shirt or t-shirt, shorts or leggings. Also bring water bottle and shower towel. You can bring your own yoga mat and a large towel to cover the mat. These you can also rent from the studio. We provide shampoo and shower gels, bring your own shower towel (or rent from the studio).


6. Tulijooga studio is located in Punavuori in Helsinki at Kivenhakkaajankatu 2, 00150 Helsinki. Please arrive well in time. We lock the front door as the class starts and can't unfornately wait late comers. Arriving at the studio please tell your name at the reception and also mention if it's your first time. Pay the class or show previously bought yoga card. Yoga cards can be bought from the webstore or you can buy them from the studio.  


7. Enjoy your first class at Tulijooga! You are warmly welcome!