Buy Dropins, Season Tickets or Multiple Passes

Buy your classes from the studio or from our webstore. Please note that all classes marked as small group are with dorpin 20€ each due to Covid-19 restrictions. We offer other cards when group sizes can be increased. All other Tulijooga cards are on hold and can be used later. We also can't accept Elämyslahjat gift cards or gift cards from other service providers during this situation. 


Tulijooga Pricing


At the moment we only offer small group teaching. When group sizes can be increased we also offer other yoga cards such as 10x, monthly passes and other seasonal cards. We update price list accordingly.  



Dropin 20€ (at the moment we only offer dropins due to small group teaching)

You can buy several dropins from the studio. 4x80€, 5x100€ etc. V


Mat Rental 2€ / Towel Rental 3€

(Please note we require that a large towel that covers the mat is always used with rented mats. Bring your own or rent from the studio.)



Private Classes from 70€ (1 person technique class)


You can book a private class for one person or larger group. The price depends on timing, length of the class and number of people. Please contact us and we'll give you a quote. Private class can be  a hot yoga for you or your group, yin yoga, flow class or techniqe brush up to deepen your practice. The class is designed according to your wishes. Relaxing with singing bowls can also be adde to your privat


Renting our Studio 

We rent Tulijooga outside regular classes. The studio space is 80m2, reception 40 m2, we have to dressing rooms and showers.  Please contact us for quote and let's discuss further. Our studio has been in TV series, a training venue, well being treatment room etc.  We are happy to give you a quote!