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Current News Covid-19


Regional State Administrative Agencey for Southern Finland has stated April 28th 2021 in their announcements, that gyms and other movement studios can stay open providing that

safe distance and hygiene instrucions   are being followed.

Tulijooga has been proactive and we moved to small group teaching already in November 2020 having only 8-9 people plus teacher in the class. We also have relatively loose teaching schedule and can safely handle switching between classes. Please read our current instructions of  the studio policy.

Due to limited capacity, we only offer 20€ drop ins at the moment. All other cards are on hold, this includes Elämyslahjat gift cards. You can also 



You can book a private class for you or your family. Private class can be hot yoga, flow, yin or technique class where you can deepen your practice and focus on areas that you feel need improving. Please email or call us  for bookings.



  • Please do not come to practice if you have ANY of the  Covid-19 relatedn symptoms, if you have been exposed to the virus or , are in quarantine or have travelled and are still in quarantine period.
  • Keep at least 2 metres safety distance to others at all times.
  • We only allow max 10-11 people in the premises at each time. Please understand this may mean you need to wait a bit in the fresh air.
  • Disinfect and wash hands as soon as you come to the studio. We have disinfect liquids in reception, dressing rooms, bathrooms and studio. 
  • Teachers wear masks at the reception. We recommend studentse wear one too. If you have forgotten your mask, teacher will provide you one from the reception. 
  • Only 2 people at the same time in the dressing rooms. Please wait for your turn either in reception or studio space. Please change clothes efficiently so others don't have to wait too long.
  • When in bathroom make sure you flush the toilet lid down.
  • Keep safety distance of 2 metres to others inside the studio. Our studio space is 80 m2 so everyone has enough space.



Let's keep each other safe!

Studio is again open. Drop in 20€ per class are in use for the time being.