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Hot Yoga Studio in the Heart of Punavuori

Practice yoga in a hot room

Tulijooga means "Fire Yoga". Fire points to the practice that is done in a heated room, but also to the connection of inner fire of each yogi.  Practicing in a hot room increases sweating and helps opening the body. Heat in the room fastens heart beat creating a practice that benefits the whole body, mind and spirit.  We offer traditional hot yoga aka bikram yoga, flow yoga and yin yoga. 



Professional teachers

All our teachers are highly professionals in teaching. They have gone through intensive trainings and been teaching many years.  Yoga practice in Tulijooga is safe and stresses individual needs of each student.  We want to be successful in making your practice successful. It should feel good in the body and mind, increasing your overall well-being.  

Satisfied Customers

We warmly welcome to Tulijooga both first time yogis as well as more experienced ones.  We do our best to get you started with yoga practice and introduce yoga to you. Our customer base also has althletes, beginners, youngsters and men as customers. We take pride in keeping everyone happy. 

Most of our classes are taught in English.

First timers, athletes, wo/men, youngsters

- all are welcome


Most classes are taught in English


Tulijooga is boutique-like, easygoing yoga studio in Helsinki, Punavuori. ,We welcome both beginners and experienced yogis to our studio. Most of our classes are taught in English.  


+358 40 7570 425 / ma-pe 10-16



Regional State for Administrative Agency for Southern Finland notified on March 31st that all gyms and studios will be closed 1.-14 April, 2021. They can keep studios closed in 2 week periods and they unfortunately notify very last minute how to proceed. I am hoping the shut down is only for 2 weeks but I suspect it will stretch out. I update this page regularly and you can always reach me by email tulijooga@tulijooga.fi or by phone +358407570425. 

Now it's time to keep centered, take things one breathe at the time and enjoy the growing light and Spring. I hope to see you all on the mat rather sooner than later. 

Pia /Tulijooga