Tulijooga is focused on hot yoga classes in its different forms.

TULIJOOGA HOT is a static, 90 min practice, closest to the original hot yoga, bikram class. The sequence consists of 50 asanas and the room temperature is 39C. This is Tulijooga's hottest class. Instructions are very detailed and asanas basic hatha yoga asanas. All levels are very welcome.
Please bring yoga mat (you can rent one from the studio), a big towel to cover your mat (towels are sold, but unfortunately can't be rented in the studio), water bottle and wear comfortable, light clothing that allows sweating. This is Tulijooga's most popular class. When Pia is teaching, this class can be taught in English. More info: Pia 040 7570 425, or email Pia

A vinyasa based hot yoga practice Baron Baptiste -style. The sequence is a strong, dynamic, powerful practice that moves and flows forward with breathing. The practice builds power, concentration, stamina and physical fitness. In Spring 2014 this class is always taught in English on Tuesday evenings at 7:15 pm when Happy Jack is teaching. Also, when Pia is teaching this class can be held in English. Suitable to all levels. Instructions are less detailed, the sequence varies somewhat. Men especially seem to like the physical challenge this class provides. Women like the flow element and expressiveness of the asanas. Room temperature 35/36C.

Deep stretches in room temperature. Total opposite to the more dynamic and yang-like practices Tulijooga Hot and Tulijooga Power Yoga. This class is all about letting go, and stretching the deep. Asanas are held 2-6 minutes which allows the body to open and relax. After the class you feel relaxed and notice soon that the range of motion in the body has greatly increased. Suitable to all levels.

Silent practice is about practicing together in silence with the teacher. Asanas are called but there are no specific instructions. Closest to self-practice and suitable when you know Tulijooga Hot-sequence a bit better. Silent practice can also be a flow class, then it's marked as SILENT FLOW. 

A donation based class where all the profits are given to pre-chosen charity. In the past Tulijooga has raised money for animal shelter and children's hospital. Good things will happen, pay it forward. If you have a special charity that you feel needs help, contact Pia and let's see if we can create a karma yog a class. Tulijooga offers the teaching and the premises, you offer your good heart and practice.